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This is just too funny. Aquamantra is a brand of bottled water sold in the US, but it’s not really the water that is special about this particular brand. Oh no, the labels on the bottles have mantras on them, and this, according to the company’s web site, causes the water inside to resonate with the energy and frequency of the mantra in question. Yeah…. Whenever you see people using quantum mechanics to explain something “scientific”, 10 to 1 they are just full of s***. Just listen to this:

[Dr. Masaru Emoto ]showed us the basic principles of quantum theory, whereby the molecular structure of water was changed by a Zen Buddhist monk’s thought. Based on this premise, Aquamantra uses the design on its labels to affect the molecular structure of California natural spring water[…]

Sure. That sounds perfectly reasonable. 

Our bodies were designed to live 200 years, can you live that long with out Aquamantra?

200 years? Wow, I never knew! 

The message comes from the universe, love yourself, deliver unto yourself perfect health. From the intense sky, a sparkling stream of water shares with you its secrets and the waterfall brings the messages of perfect health.

Fantastic. If you want to look it up, just do a search for Aquamantra. 


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Nobel Prize in Physics

The 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics is awarded to:

1/2 Yoichiro Nambu “for the discovery of the mechanism of spontaneous broken symmetry in subatomic physics”

1/2 Makoto Kobayashi and Toshihide Maskawa “for the discovery of the origin of the broken symmetry which predicts the existence of at least three families of quarks in nature”


Now, I was planning on writing something about what these discoveries actually imply, but I just found it so hard to wrap my mind around that I could not do it justice in just a couple of paragraphs. I therefore choose to give some links to sites that explains this better than I would be able to do:

New Scientists short overview of quantum physics. 

Wikipedias entry on spontaneous symmetry breaking.

And for the really daring, here‘s an article about the origins of families of quarks and leptons.

The original paper by Maskawa and Kobayashi is not free, as of yet, but can be bought here.

Edit: The major science websites have now had time to write their own articles about the science behind the award this year, and some examples can be found here and here.

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