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Fine Polish

Scientists have developed a new method of protecting teeth from bacterial attacks. By using technology from the semiconductor industry, Igor Sokolov  and hh from the Clarkson University Center for Advanced Materials Processing used  silica nanoparticles to polish teeth down to nanoscale roughness. When polished this finely, the bacteria had difficulties sticking to the dental enamel, and could thus be removed fairly easily. Polishing teeth is in itself not new, but no one has thought to use nanoparticles to do it before Sokolov and Gaikwad.  The study was published in the Journal of Dental Research

To the left, the unpolished surface of a tooth. To the right, the surface of a tooth after nanoparticle polishing. 


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Fecal Commuters

A recent study done at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine shows that people are disgustingly sloppy when it comes to washing their hands. The researchers swabbed the hands of commuters in Newcastle, Liverpool, Birmingham, Euston and Cardiff, and found, on average, fecal bacteria on 25% of them. The worst figures were found in Newcastle (44%), and the best in London (6%). What really amazes me though is that there were really no apparent difference overall between women and men. Come on people! Wash your hands!

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