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First Pictures From the Moon Impact Probe

I previously blogged about Chandrayaan-1’s Moon Impact Probe (MIP), so for more information go here and here. Well, on last Friday (November 14th) at approximately 15:00 UTC the MIP was successfully embedded in the lunar surface. As of yet, no video has been released by ISRO, but they have released two pictures taken by the on-board camera: 

Credit: ISRO


Credit: ISRO

Still though, I’m looking forward to the video. Should be interesting.


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  1. It really surprised me that India has achieved so much in scientific research. My only wish India should achieve a standard of at least China, why? because look at the Chinese achievement in high tech industries, manufacturing of computers both note books and desktops, heavy industries.
    Indian motor car industries still producing cars of the fifties! Which people are laughing at! Now that Tata has taken over Jaguar from Ford motor, people are saying Jaguar cars looks so futuristic Tata is not going to change its design for another hundred years!

    Comment by pratap Lall Singh | December 24, 2008 | Reply

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