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You’ve Got Mail!

And an STD… It’s the latest craze, you can now notify people you have had sex with that you have an STD with just a couple of mouse clicks. From this site you can send out eCards (you know, e-mail cards) to all your friends informing them that they might want to go and get tested for STDs. Some of these cards are hilarious, and here are just a few examples:

I got screwed while screwing, you might have too.

Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason. I got diagnosed with STDs since we played. 

You’re too hot to be out of action. I got diagnosed with STDs since we played. 

No one wants to be the bearer of bad news…but I got diagnosed with STDs. (You might have one too)

Got laid. Was happy. Got tested. Wasn’t healthy. 

Wouldn’t you just love to get one of those in your inbox?


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  1. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the leading causes of death around the world are heart disease, cancer, HIV, and AIDS. Many organizations are primarily concerned about sexually transmitted diseases (STD) like HIV and AIDS, as the prevalence of these conditions are high in developing countries, and can even affect very young children. About 5 million of the HIV/AIDS victims around the world have no access to medical facilities that may help alleviate their condition. Some of the other STD’s that are a cause for alarm are syphilis and gonorrhea. Many more STD’s are present across many cultures today, some of them are treatable, while others are not.

    Comment by Ace Smith | November 15, 2008 | Reply

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