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Saudi Supercomputer

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, or KAUST, recently announced that they were to purchase/develop a 222 teraflop supercomputer to attract top level researchers and scientists. (And btw, a “flop” is a measure of a computers performance, and stands for Floating Point Operations per second.) This is not the fastest supercomputer in the world (the IBM Roadrunner achieved 1 petaflop in May, but 222 teraflops would still make the Saudi supercomputer, nicknamed Shaheen, the 6th fastest supercomputer), but having access to this kind of computing power would still be of huge benefits for researchers. In total, King Abdullah has donated 10 billion dollars to the university, and has demanded that women and men are to be treated equal when attending, which goes against the country’s strict religious parameters. So, go Saudi Arabia on this one. 

The petaflop IBM Roadrunner


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  1. Indeed way to go Saudi Arabia for the accopmplishment, But please do not involve men and women equality and inequality in the wrong context. It is wrong and harmful to say things without having the right information. The king will not go against any religious parameters where it exists. Islamicly education is mandatory and all should obtain it when they can. Hence the King is facilitating the religious parameters and helping educating all the people.

    Comment by Abe | February 5, 2009 | Reply

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