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Nikon Small World Contest

Earlier this year, the Nikon Small World contest was held, and Scientific American recently put up a slide show of the top 20 entries. The contest is held for pictures taken through a visible-light microscope, and there are some really stunning ones here.  (Oh, and i suggest you visit the contests gallery).

1st place 2008: Michael Stringer – marine diatoms (200x)

2nd place: Paul Marshall – Carbon nanotubes (30x)

More pictures inside.

6th place: Klaus Bolte – Chrysolina fastuosa on a pin head (40x)

7th place: Dr. Margaret Oechsli – Mitomycin (anti-cancer drug) (10x)

12th place: Charles Krebs  – Rear leg section of Water Boatman (200x)

14th place: Charles Krebs – Closterium, diatoms and Spirogyra (40x)

18th place: Dr. Tamily Weissman – “Brainbow” transgenic mouse hippocampus (40x)


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  1. Cool !

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