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The Discovery Substitute

Discovery Institute is a nonpartisan public policy think tank conducting research on technology, science and culture, economics and foreign affairs.

Well, not really…. They have a fancy web site, but they don’t really give a damn about science, evidence or logic. This is exemplified by one of their bloggers Casey Luskins later posts.

In one of his later posts, Casey Luskin turned to engineering designs to come up with what he calls evidence for ID. First of all, he describes evolution as “blind and unguided processes”, which just shows his total lack of knowledge about evolution. Evolution is guided by selective pressures, and to say that it is random is just a huge misconception.

The gist of Luskins post is “because some designs and solutions in nature are proven to be better than what humans have yet come up with, it must have been designed by an intelligent designer”. I believe this is a non-sequitur in that you can’t conclude the latter from his initial statements. And you would think Casey Luskin, being an attorney, would know enough about logic and arguments to not commit these kinds of logical fallacies. Well, think again….


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